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What They’re Saying:


"Amy is such an amazing stylist! She has been my stylist prior to me being pregnant and she always knew what would make me shine. During my pregnancy, she helped style me so that I can look fabulous while being pregnant and be able to use these clothing pieces post pregnancy. She knew that I love anything that is either classic or versatile. She even styled me so well that at times I didn't even look like I was pregnant at all. It's always so fun and a great experience working with her and I can't wait to get more styling advice from this fashionista! Thanks so much doll!"



"I have known Amy for about 10 years! She is so professional and always does her best to cater to my needs. Most importantly, she always puts herself in my shoes and selects what is best for me!  Her genuine passion inspires me to live happily.  Of course, she picked the best mother-in-law dress for me.  I am blessed to know Amy. She is my little Angel 😇"



Amy Hui (@fitnflair) is absolutely incredible. I am so grateful for her and her work! I came to Amy after meeting her at an amazing women’s circle event. 

I am 25 years old and in the beginning of my career as an elementary educator. As a young woman trying navigate her way in a professional world, I found myself struggling with how best to present myself. I wanted to stay true to what I found fashionable, but didn’t know quite how to do that without feeling like I might be dressed inappropriately for my job. Because of this, I tended to show up to work often in athletic clothing. And this way of dressing wasn’t helping me feel or perform my best. 

I came to Amy and told her I had a vision: I wanted to re-do my wardrobe in a way that would inspire confidence in myself (inside and outside my classroom). I wanted to have clothing that helped represent the new me, a woman in her mid/late twenties who is both professional and polished while still youthful and bright. I wanted my clothing to highlight my positive and bubbly personality while also allowing me to feel like I would be respected and taken seriously at work, and taken seriously while out and about in the world (dating, etc). 

And Amy literally made it all come true!!! As a young person who works as a teacher, my budget was tight and Amy was so considerate. She made sure to stay within my bounds and still found me TONS of amazing pieces. She also intuitively knew that I valued sustainability and upcycled fashion, getting me almost all of my new items from Goodwills and Poshmark.

I truly cannot express just how grateful I am for Amy. Choosing to invest in myself and work with Amy, and have her so fully invest in me, has helped transform me into the person I strive to be. I recommend working with Amy to every single person out there! I will definitely be working with her again and bringing other loved ones to her in the future.


5 stars





“Amy is such an incredible stylist. Not only does she have an amazing sense of style, but she knows what makes a women feel genuinely confident and tailors her selections to my own style. She makes you feel beautiful and enhances that inner and outer beauty with outfits. Her personality makes the experience beyond enjoyable and she never fails to make me feel special during our personal shopping sessions. She has even opened up her own closet to cater to my needs when they’re last minute. Love you Amy! XOXO”



I’ve known Amy since 2018. We were house hunting from the Bay Area at the time when I decided to stop at South Coast Plaza before heading to the airport. I was in search for some Chanel jewelry so I walked in the boutique and was greeted by this lovely young lady named Amy. The  minute I met her, I instantly clicked and felt so comfortable with her. She has such an inviting positive aura that I immediately gravitated towards. We had such an amazing conversation that day, it felt like we knew each other for a long time. I even told her that she’s going to be my new Orange County BFF.  

Since that meeting, Amy has helped me with all my retail needs. I’d show her pictures and she’ll search for the item and she’ll always get back to me with information or update almost immediately but always within the same day. She made shopping super easy with just a text or a phone call. 

Fast forward to 2021,  Amy has moved on to working independently as a Stylist. She’s continued to assist me with my retail needs. She kept me updated with all the newest designer drop and collection. Her Fashion Degree and years of experience and expertise in the retail industry are so invaluable. 

Her sense of style speaks to many of her clients with different lifestyle and fashion needs. She has impeccable taste and she keeps her clients in mind with specific look and flair. Amy’s client service and care is exceptional. She caters to my needs and will provide honest feedback so I can look my best. She’s always given me a VIP treatment just like she did the very first time I met her. She listens and understands that fashion is a creative process. Amy has impeccable taste, I can always rely on her choices when she puts together an outfit from accessories to handbag to shoes. Her attention to detail is extraordinary.  She puts an outfit together with a story behind it so you can visualize yourself in it. Her professionalism is outstanding and her personality is amazing. I’m so grateful to have met Amy and to be graced by her talent and expertise.  Thank you Amy! 

Give her a call and let your fashion adventure begins! 

XOXO Darlene 


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