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Frumpy to Fabulous

I met Julia at one of my Inner Outer Beauty events- Unleash Your Inner Goddess. This is a Clothing Swap + Women's Circle I host seasonally in LA and OC. When I met Julia, I saw a bubbly, sweet young lady that has such a joyous spirit. I instantly felt connected to her, and was drawn by her eagerness to grow as a woman. During the clothing swap portion of the event, she tried on an oversized button down shirt with a pair of jeans. I instantly came to her to cuff up her sleeves and tied the bottom of the shirt so it can flatter her petite hourglass figure.

After the event, I offered all the ladies at the event a package deal to help shine their inner radiance outward, so they can feel beautiful inside and out with a wardrobe they love. Julia was already planning to upgrade her wardrobe since she was newly hired as a teacher at a private school. After our phone consultation, I heard her concern and need: She was the youngest of the faculty, and felt like she was dressing too frumpy at work. It was during the pandemic lock down when she joined on board, so she felt like at that time everyone had a reason to be more casual. During summer break, she knew it was time to invest in a wardrobe that would make her feel and look more professional but still feel like herself so she can wear the clothes outside of work as well. I actively listened and we were so aligned that by the end of our call, I was finishing her sentences. I got all her measurements, her budget, and went over to her house to see what she already has in her closet so I can know what to shop for that will complete her wardrobe.

One incredible shift she got from working with me was how she viewed herself. In the beginning, she called herself short and stumpy, and felt frumpy in her clothes. After receiving her measurements and seeing her beautiful figure, I told her she has an Hour Glass figure and I am so excited to get her in silhouettes that will flatter her shape. She told me she has never thought of herself as so, and I can instantly see how much happier she was to receive that reflection. She now sees herself differently and is so much more confident than before. When your wardrobe reflects who you are on the inside, you feel more comfortable to fully express your authentic self.

I introduced some pieces of clothing to her that she would have never thought to try such as high waisted full midi skirts. This silhouette cinches at the waist, then flares out, creating a beautiful shape that flatters her hour glass figure. We had to hem a lot of the skirts so that it cuts at the right length to fit her petite size. If you left the skirts as they were without any alterations, then they would have swallowed her and not look right. I chose this for her so she will have comfort, and plenty of movement since teaching 3rd graders requires a lot of running around, bending and kneeling. I also put her in some high-rise cropped straight wide legged pants so it will compliment her figure, lengthen her legs and added some waist belts to highlight the small of her waist. In addition, to match her sunny personality, I selected bright colors, and some prints into her wardrobe since she already had great neutral pieces in her wardrobe. I knew this would add some fun flair for her to express her creativity and captures her students' attention. Next, I found her some great outer wear: a light weight coat, a cropped jacket, a tailored blazer, and a fun quilted number that has beautiful flowers to match her soulful personality. All in all, I found her over 30 pieces of clothing, all within her budget! All in time for her to return back to school in September, ready to impress!

My proud moment? I thrifted mostly everything! But my most heart filling takeaway? Her appreciation and surge of confidence! When I met her and added her on IG, she had been taking a break off of social media. After working with me, she started posting again in her new looks, looking so fresh and fabulous with a smile of an angel. She already was an angel when we met, but now she feels and looks the part too. Her energy and passion as an educator can now be spread to her students with joy and grace. She no longer has to worry about being the youngest in the faculty because she knows she is worthy of the position she earned by being herself. It is amazing how looking the part will also make you feel the part. All she had to do was express to me what she desired, and all I did was listened and deliver! Yay to another happy client! Feel free to read what she had to say under testimonial on my website's menu.

Set up your own consultation call if you feel called to upgrade your wardrobe to one you love! I can work within your budget and preferences, sort and get rid of pieces that's ready to go and pick out new pieces that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe that expresses your individual flair! Getting ready is so much more fun and easy once you build a wardrobe that have everything that flatters you. You will look and feel more comfortable so you can authentically feel confident being you, and you are be-you-tiful. Invest in yourself. You deserve this.


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